As we all know,there are many high quality images on the instagram.But saving the image directly is forbidden.As the saying goes,there must be a road before the car goes to the mountain.There have been many ways to download images on instagram.Such as a plugin or a WeChat public number.I tried all these methods, but the results did not satisfy me.And then I found a easy and useful way.

Such as,we are willing to download this image.

First,right click to find this option - view the page source code.

After you click in,you may be scared by a lot of things you don't understand.Calm down,use the shortcut key Ctrl+u to bring up the search box.

And then input webp,the first result of the search results is the url of the image we are looking for(Look at where I draw).

So now we know the url of this image is:

Copy this url to the address box of the browser,then you can Right click -> Save as image.

Finally,I want to share a very interesting thing with you.When I was in high school, I learned a star online and found a beautiful photo of her, but when I wanted to see it again these two days, I found out that I couldn’t find it. I suddenly thought of ins and turned over about 500 photos,then I found this and I am very happy.Here is the photo