What's the problem?

Since I used hexo,this problem has been seen many times.
When I first met this,I chose to wait.Fortunately,it's really good in a few days.
Then next time,I waited about ten days or more,there's no changing.So I chose to delete all local files.Add re-'hexo-g'.Although the problem was solved this time, all the upload information before this was gone, and the upload date of the previous article became the same day.
The last time,I searched a solution for this on the Internet.

  • Delete '.deploy_git' in your Hexo root directory.
  • Git clone your repositories of your blog in Github.And renama it to '.deploy_git'.
    There is a little and useful skill.As we all konw,the download speed is too slow in China.So we can use this code to improve your effectiveness.
    git clone your-repositorie's url --depth=1
  • Re-'hexo-g',and 'hexo-d',then you can 'hexo-d' successfully.