I think I can't teach you how to install atom clearly,so there has more links to what blog I saw when I install atom.


Click here to install

  • Choose your suitable version.When the install begin,what you should do just is wait,atom will do everything itself for you.
  • Attention: If you can't installed on the official website.
    Click here:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1xpP2G0qsaB_ciXvd9d9juQ
    Extraction code:78aa
  • If the above two conditions can not solve your installation problem.Just connect me through email or comment.I'd like to help you.

    An important step-Configuration compilation environment

  • Install MinGW
    Click here to install
    To solve this there are many tutorial on the web.So I will not spend more time on this.
    recommend: MinGW.
    When you finish this step,You are not far from success.

    Install some useful packages(c++).

  1. linter-gcc2
  2. linter
    recommend: c++

    Install some useful packages(markdown)

  3. markdown-preview-plus
  4. markdown-scroll-sync
  5. language-markdown
  6. markdown-image-paste
  7. markdown-table-editor
  8. markdown-themeable-pdf、pdf-view
    recommend: markdown

There are many useful and beautiful packages in atom,and you can manage them easier than sublime.

If you still have some problems,just comment here or send a email to me.